• Stories of Courage

    Our donors help provide Glenrose patients with access to innovative rehabilitation equipment, programs and services needed to reach their goals.

    Meet Lana

    Recognized as a social butterfly amongst her family and friends, Lana is a vibrant young woman who enjoys bringing people together. In 2014, Lana's life changed dramatically when she was hit at a crosswalk, resulting in a fractured pelvis and a traumatic brain injury, which limited her body movement, memory and communication skills.


    Lana's journey brought her to the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, where she worked tirelessly to improve her physical and cognitive skills. She accepted every therapy challenge and continuously pushed herself to do her best.


    Our donors continue to help patients like Lana with their recovery by providing access to specialized equipment, programs and services.

    Meet Richard & Heather

    Married for 29 years, Richard and Heather’s lives changed drastically when Richard was involved in a cycling accident. Richard sustained a fractured face, broken left arm, shoulder, ribs and shattered hand. Four days later, he suffered a stroke.


    After spending weeks in intensive care, Richard began his journey at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital where he worked tirelessly to regain his balance, refine his motor skills and relearn how to walk. During his time at the Glenrose, Richard even learned to cycle again and Heather is now joining him on many of his adventures!


    Our donors help provide Glenrose patients like Richard with access to innovative rehabilitation equipment, programs and services needed to reach their goals.

  • Throughout the 2017-2018 fiscal year, we distributed donor funds to many areas of care.



    Facilities & Programs


    Technology & Equipment


    Future Funding Commitments


  • Transforming post-traumatic stress disorder

    At our 2017 Spotlight on Research Breakfast,
    the Glenrose Foundation announced a $100,000
    research grant in support of PTSD research. A call
    for submissions is now in progress for researchers
    who are looking to change the face of post-trauamtic stress disorder.

    The Preschool Comprehensive Assessment Team (PCAT) Classroom and Observation Room

    The classroom, funded by a generous donation from Challenge Insurance, and the Observation Room, funded thanks to the Al Shamal Shriners Oriental Band, provides an updated treatment environment and a larger space for parents and caregivers to observe children in their recovery. The entire space has been updated with new flooring, wall treatment, a kitchen area and new washrooms, in addition to
    a smartboard and new audio system to hear classroom programming.

    Dr. Bill Black Auditorium Audioloop

    The Dr. Bill Black Auditorium has been renovated with rehabilitative patient care in mind. In order to make presentations more accessible to all patient populations, the Glenrose Foundation has purchased a $20,000 Audioloop that traces around the perimeter of the seating area. The Audioloop provides crystal clear audio to everyone with auditory devices – such as hearing aids – without the need for headphones.

  • Financials

  • Celebrating the Impact of our Community

    Our community makes a difference in the lives of thousands of patients every year.

    Patients who can’t receive the same level of care anywhere else. Thanks to the commitment and dedication of everyone involved, our signature Courage Gala and Courage Classic have raised more than $3 million in five years - supporting critical advancements at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital.

    The 2017 Courage Gala

    What a spectacle of Courage!


    Recently awarded “Best Fundraiser” by the Edmonton Event Awards, the Glenrose Foundation’s Courage Gala presented by UNITE HERE Local 47 was certainly a night to remember.


    The annual fundraising event has supported areas of care all over the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, and raised $686,192 (gross) in 2017!

    The 2017 Courage Classic

    Another fun-filled day in support of patients at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital!


    In 14 years, the Courage Classic has raised hundreds of
    thousands in support of patient care. In 2017
    alone, the tournament raised $151,455 (gross).

  • Community Events

    Our essential community events – including the Courage Ride, Syncrude Oil Country Championship and Fashion First – have supported initiatives across the Glenrose site.

    2017 Courage Ride

    In addition to raising funds for the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation, the event raised awareness of the relationship between the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, the YMCA and the Canadian Forces who together, provide
    rehabilitation services to those who serve our country. Thanks to all sponsors, participants and donors, the event raised more than $41,000!

    2017 Syncrude Oil Country Championship

    The Glenrose Foundation is proud to partner with the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation to receive funds raised at the Syncrude Oil Country Championship. Funds raised at the 2017 championship are supporting the addition of a new Pediatric Procedure Suite at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital!

    Fashion First

    Over the past three years, First Response to Fashion has raised an outstanding $83,000! All funds raised are supporting a new ground-breaking PTSD research project, which will one day transform lives.